Milwaukee’s Festool-ish , JobMax-ish 12v 4 in 1 drill driver makes an appearance on ITS TV. I like the black case, it looks slick. I am on the fence about 4 in 1 tools. They are innovative and save space but always seem to be the jack of all trades and not excel at one single thing. I also feel like the heads will constantly be getting lost.  The tool has a drill chuck, a right angle attachment, 1/4 hex and offset hex chuck.

But like the guy said in the video, cabinet makers and fitters are going to love this tool just like they love the Festool CSX.  To some it will be a great tool especially those in Europe as you can’t get them in the US yet.  Did he just say what I think he said @ 2:29 and 3:11? Lol only in Europe!