Finding the perfect inspection camera is quite a task, there are so many on the market  They have a ton of features and come at all different price ranges.  The Milwaukee 2314 M12 Spector is one of my favorite inspection cameras.  Her is what i like:

  • Price: The M12 Spector doesn’t break the wallet, can find it roughly around $229 depending on where you shop.  It doesn’t break the bank but then again it is basic with no recording features.
  • Clarity:  The camera has a great focus at no matter what distance you have at.  That means you can read serial or part numbers at any distance, this is huge.  The adjustable 5 setting 4 led lights at the end of the cable camera really work well in any  situation.  The 9mm 640X480 camera fits into small spaces.  The included ball adapter allows it to follow most contours.
  • Warranty:  On a sensitive piece of electronics like this the 5 year warranty is top notch.
  • Long 9 ft Cable:  Nothing is worse than having a short cable, 9 ft gets you into most any situation.
  • Rotating Screen:  The screen can be rotated with your thumb for the correct orientation.  This is very intuitive.

What I don’t like:

  • Non replaceable cord:  If you break it you need to get another tool.  I would like to see this replaceable
  • 1.5AH battery:  I would have liked to have seen a bigger AH battery here.  Although it does have pretty good runtime, all day runtime would have been better.

Overall this one of my favorite cameras to have around.  It can get into situations that most other cameras can’t and it always has a clear picture of what you are looking at.  If you need recording capability you will need to look elsewhere though.  Check out the 360 Spector camera over at Home Depot.