Hey, everyone makes a Boo Boo now and then, and it turns out I am non-exempt. Last month we published my “Who Makes What Tools?” article (read it HERE), which as it turns out, had an error in it.

Of course it wasn’t long after it was shared over at the Garage Journal that a member there, JCFields, called me out on it.

I posted this pic of a particular style Craftsman screwdriver and stated it was made by Western Forge.

Cman drivers 3

You’ll also notice I stated that Western Forge makes all 3 styles of Craftsman screwdrivers. As it turns out, there are 4 styles of Craftsman screwdrivers. 3 of them are made by Western Forge, while the 4th (shown above) are actually made by Pratt-Read. I didn’t pay real close attention to the stock pic I snatched off the net and didn’t notice these were a completely different style. The one I thought I was sharing are just like these Husky versions:

Cman retraction

So, for the 2nd time in my life, I was wrong. My local Sears doesn’t even carry the Pratt-Read models, and I honestly didn’t know they existed. Ironically, Pratt-Read is also owned by Ideal, so I’m gonna pretend I was partly right just to save a little face and keep my morale high.