Milwaukee has been making some good lights as of late. At the recent press event they showed off the new 2623-20 $79 M18 lantern, 2362-20 $59 M12 lantern and the $89 2352-20 M18 LED stick light. The lantern lights are innovative because with twist of the rotating sleeve they go from a lantern to a flood light. The LED bars actually move, it is cool to see. They provide 600+ lumens  The M18 lantern also has a built in usb charger, to charge any device you may have.  They have 4 light settings high,medium/low and strobe. It has a 2 hook design that also works as a handle. I am a light junkie and want these lights! M18 lantern flood light M12 lantern flood light m18 floddlight The $89 M18 handheld lamp resembles the DeWALT DCL050 that we recently reviewed.  One thing I did notice is that the M18 lamp does not pivot to a full 90 degree down position like the DeWALT.  It pivots to a 45 degree position, but Milwaukee says you still get 180 degrees of view.  Like the Milwaukee 2351-20 stick light that we reviewed last year the lens is replaceable.  The light is activated via the trigger and produces 300 lumens on high and 150 lumens on low.  It has 2 hooks to hang in just about any position.  Overall if you are on the M18 platform this will be a good work light.


Milwaukee is marketing these lights with what they call TRUEVIEW High Definition Lighting.  One reader commented in the video it seems like a line from a Blue Blocker infomercial. In reality I really do see a difference with the light created from these lights.  LEDS usual are bright and sometimes too bright.  This seems to be easier on the eyes than most other lights I have seen.  Bottom line is that Milwaukee did a pretty good job with these lights, they constantly were throwing them around and they still worked.  They should be available soon.