Last year Irwin rolled out their Impact Performance Series line of impact driver accessories to cater to the ever growing impact driver market. The line which included driver bits, lobular nut setters, hex shank drill bits, and socket adaptors, faired well in most reviews.

Now Irwin has announced a more radical Phase II release that looks to include some pretty unique additions to the line.


Impact Screw-Grip

Irwin impact-screw-grip

The Impact Screw-Grip is a screw extractor designed in a 2 ended pattern that allows you to drill and extract the damaged screw with the same bit by a simple flip. Available in 3 sizes to remove screws from #4 – #14, the Impact Screw-Grip in a pretty neat concept if it works. Check it out @


Impact Bolt-Grip

Irwin impact-bolt-grip hex

I’ve used the traditional Bolt-Grip system for years with pretty good results, but the idea of an impact rated version is pretty appealing. Available in both square drive and 1/4″ hex shank versions, I’m curious to see how these perform in a powered application. Check them out HERE

Irwin impact-bolt-grip square


Double Ended Power Bits

Irwin Double ended power bits

Phase II also includes double ended power bits similar to the Makita Impact Gold bits. While the work in some driver chucks better than others, I like the design and have yet to find a driver they won’t work in. I can’t pull the up on Irwin’s website, but they’re already available on Amazon.


Tapcon Installation System

Irwin Tapcon system

This system looks like a nice option to ensure you always have the right bits when working with Tapcons. It’s also the first that I’m aware of designed specifically for use with impact drivers. How well does an impact driver work in concrete? I have no clue, but I imagine it would be alright in cinder block. Check it out HERE


You can read the full press release HERE @