Todays video is all for the mechanic.  Mechanics always have a tough time getting in small areas, especially with todays cars.  Ingersoll Rand is a brand that has many years of proven reliability in the automotive field.  The perfected their air tools and for years have been the name to get.  Since releasing their cordless IQ12 and IQ20 line, they have opened up an entirely new freedom for the mechanic.  The W7150 cordless impact pretty much replaces any air impact on the market.  It had some insane power.   Now with the W5330 you get impact power in the tightest of areas.

Think of the W5330 as an impact wrench in the body of a ratchet.  It  has 180 ft lbs of torque with a head that is only 2.2″ thick.  The tool has a variable speed trigger that produces up to 1900 rpm.  My only wish is that the took had an LED light on it.  Since it is always in small dark areas a light would be handy.  Boots are also available for this tool to keep it protected from the harsh automotive environment.  The charger has a usb port also and has audible tones to let you know when it is done.  The 1.5 Ah battery was sufficient in most of the applications we put it though.  Another feature that I really liked is the case easily comes apart so you can put it neatly in the drawer of your tool box.

If you are a mechanic the minute you pic up this tool you will fall in love.  Check it out via Amazon.