Bluetooth has been around for awhile and job site radios are starting to come out with integrated Bluetooth.  The DCR002 from DeWALT allows you to connect your phone or Bluetooth music device to any radio with an AUX input. Obviously it works with the DeWALT radios, but it also works with other brands.  The greatest thing about it is that it is easy to connect.  Just hold the button in for 7 seconds and your device will see it.  No passcodes to deal with.  Just connect that’s it.

If you get a phone call while listening to your songs it will pause so you can take the call.  You can be on a ladder and control your music and volume via your device.  With the DCR018 radio that we used in the video you can plug the DCR002 into the USB port and the radio will charge and power it.  On just battery you get up to 8 hours, just enough for the work day.  It has a 100′ range.  The device seems very rugged and has a 2 year warranty.  It also comes with a clip and some adhesive to mount in on your radio.  It fits perfectly inside the door of the DeWALT compact radio. They include a USB cable and a wall charger.   Check it out over at