At 31, I was in the last shop class my County school district offered. At the end of the semester they came in, hauled all the machinery off, and replaced it with a computer lab. It was sad then, but as I look around at the up and coming youth of today, it’s kinda depressing. Kids go 13 years in the public school system without learning even basic shop skills as we emphasize more and more the importance of a technology based curriculum.

Goodfellow over at The Garage Gazette┬áposted this 1940’s video on becoming an automotive service technician a couple days back and it really made me think back to a time when we encouraged kids to learn to work with their hands and didn’t instill in them the notion that a blue collar job placed them lower in the social hierarchy. Theres nothing wrong with encouraging your kids to pursue a career in some white collar field, but hey, even stock brokers and brain surgeons ought to know how to change a tire.