Makita may not not release tools as fast as some other tool companies, but when they do release they don’t disappoint.  Their new 4.0 batteries can charge over twice as fast as some other brands.  That is going to get you back to work faster and keep you working all day.  Contractors who use Makita usually stick with the brand and have nothing but good things to say about them.  Makita has the biggest 18V tool selection on the market and now with the XPH07M they have the most powerful hammer drill on the market.

Makita PH07M

The XPH07M is not just a few inch pounds more powerful than the closest competition.  it is 365 inch pounds more powerful.  That kind of toque will rip your arm off, luckily they have included an extra long handle to keep the power under control.  The tool has an all metal variable 2-speed transmission that puts out 0-550 & 0-2,100 RPM via the variable speed trigger.  The brushless motor means longer runtime and better overall performance of the tool.

PH07M makita PH07M 5

Makita has something called XPT Exteme Protection Technology.  Makita says it improves the dust and water resistance capabilities.  This is always a good thing, we have all worked in the rain or left our tool out in the rain.  The tool has 2 LED lights right above the trigger.  This is the first I have seen like that and it will be interesting to see how shadow free it is.

The XPH07M will be available later this summer and I am sure it will shake up the 18/20V hammer drill market.