The jobsite is all about quality, efficiency and speed.  Since lithium ion batteries hit the scene cords have slowly been disappearing off the job.  Even with lithium ion you still have to charge the batteries.  Other tool companies have come out with chargers that hold six batteries but the charger can still only charge one at a time.  Well the DeWALT DCB012 can charge both at the same time.  Either 12v or 20v, this is a huge time saver, especially if you have multiple guys on the job.

Another cool feature this charger has is that it has 2 USB ports to charge tablets and phones.  Most everyone, even the laborers need this feature.  Who hasn’t had a phone die while on the job.  Ingersoll Rand started adding USB ports to their chargers on their 12V/20V line up a while back.  It should be standard on all chargers.  A DeWALT 3 year warranty covers this charger from any defects.