You can pretty much gage how successful a Kickstarter product will be by how many backers and how much $$ is raised.  The Tool Pen people only wanted $7k but are at well over $100k with 36 days left to go.  The tool pen is not cheap, it is $35+ unlike the $20 Monteverde tool pen we showed you last week. Unlike the Monteverde, the tool pen is basically just a screw driver.  The hex bits get pushed through, you remove the first bit and push it through on the back .

The tool itself is made from aluminum while the bits are milled S45C carbon steel.  It looks like a nifty novelty item but I am not sure how often I would use something like this.  It doesn’t seem the have the grip for anything but low torque applications.  The design does allow you to use a wrench or pliers to aid gripping.  My question is, did this get overfunded because it is an awesome design? Or was it just a good marketing campaign with some fancy images?  What do you guys think?

Check out the video