DeWALT today announced the new DCB205 20V MAX* 5.0 Ah battery pack and the  DCB127 12V MAX* 2.0 Ah battery pack.  Some brands haven’t come out with 4.0 yet but the new 20V 5.0Ah provides 25% more runtime than the DeWALT 4.0 battery.  This will provide users with almost all day run times on certain tools.  It is also good to see a 2.0Ah for the 12V MAX line up, however a fuel status gauge is still lacking.  I feel the 12V Max line is one of the best out there so this addition could mean more tools other than test and measurement are on the horizon.

DeWALT also announced today the DCB102 charging station with dual USB ports.  We all know how mechanics Pro users love the USB port on the Ingersoll Rand chargers.  It is a great addition to the job site to be able to charge your devices.  DeWALT already leads in drill market as far as runtime and this just put them over the top.  Check out our tool fight below and see how it did.  I would have for sure thought Milwaukee would have released a  18/20V 5.0Ah battery by now especially since they lead in the 12V market with their 4.0Ah M12 battery.  Milwaukee is having an event in a few months and maybe it will be released there.