As an avid Tools In Action reader you have probably seen our Youtube channel.  We started out with just our 1st generation iPhones filming all the action.  Today we have thousands of dollars worth of video and audio equipment.  To protect our investment we use Pelican cases. Our camera case has been abused on the streets of Chicago, on Job-sites and molested by the TSA on numerous occasions.  Never once has it failed or a piece of equipment been damaged.  Well, except the time Eric slammed it shut with one of our $150 mic cords hanging out of it. That was clearly user error.

Enough about camera cases lets talk gun cases!  When you get an expensive rifle an AR-15 you want to protect it.  Like your weapon you want it to not fail and be impervious to the conditions at hand.  The Pelican 1750 is waterproof, rustproof and crush proof.  I think I would feel save driving a vehicle over this case without it breaking.  The case is made from an open cell core design thats fits together perfectly.  A thick rubber seal rides around the tongue and groove opening to create a moisture free environment for your contents.  To prevent air pressure from sealing the case shut an equalization valve automatically releases air build up.  The 4 double throw latches lock tight with quick smack of the palm. and fit perfectly.

You get 3 layers of foam in the 50.50 x 13.50 x 5.25 interior space.  You will have to cut out the foam to make it fit your contents.  There is a good video online of how to do this I will include at the bottom.  We cut our own foam and in typical Tools In Action style butchered it.  Eric was satisfied with the job we did, I myself was not.  Luckily you can buy Pelican replacement foam although they only come in 3 packs and is not cheap.  The lesson here is take your time and go slow.  Take pride in your work and you will have a very satisfying outcome.  The case has a top and side handle for easy maneuverability. There are 2 steel reinforced areas for locking the case.


If there was a downside to the Pelican 1750 I would have to say it is the weight, especially when loaded.  Thankfully Pelican added wheels on the bottom to help you reduce fatigue on long travels.  Check out all the reviews on Amazon most are 5 stars, Pelican is the standard of protection.  I will say that Pelican cases are the best all around equipment cases on planet earth for the money.  Wow I just surprised myself with that endorsement!  We did not get paid for this article and my thoughts are how I feel about the Pelican brand.  Thay have always been top notch in my book. The military uses them and if you break it Pelican will replace it for life!  Truly the last case you ever buy.