Well here it goes my first tool review for Tools in Action, and it is the Gerber MP1  multi-tool it is part of their industrial lineup of multi-tools.  I have to say I am pretty impressed with the fit and finish of this multi-tool, but for the price of this multi-tool it should also be expected. One nice thing about this tool is that it is made in the USA for the most part. The case that is included has a made in China sticker on it.  It would have been nice if it was 100% American content, but we have to admit some things are not going to be made here because of the cost of production.  I know TIA has the rule of not saying exact prices on items, but let’s just say this is not a cheap multi-tool. Let’s just say I would not want to have the TSA confiscate it at the airport.  Dan and Eric have already done some videos of some other knives from Gerber and were impressed by the quality of their products. I will say I’m not the biggest knife guy in the world.  I live in the city, so the need for a knife on a daily basis isn’t as important as a person that is out in the wilderness on a daily basis.

gerber1Now, on to how I felt about using the multi-tool.  This tool kind of breaks the mold of most multi-tools, and uses composite materials in its construction. For some multi-tool users this may be a deal breaker they might be the kind of person that wants their tools to be completely made out of metal and I understand that but times are changing and new materials can make for a better product. People would freak out if the Corvette wasn’t fiberglass. On the actual use of the tool, I brought it over to a friend’s place to put the MP1 through some work on some acreage, and let’s just say the composite material was appreciated on this crazy cold weather we are having in SE Michigan.  It didn’t feel nearly as cold as an all metal tool would feel in your hand.  The different tools worked well at their intended tasks.  The pliers gripped bolts well, and the wire cutters/strippers worked well. I did like how they allow you to switch out the Phillips bit to another bit style if you use other types of screws. The MP1 knife blades seemed to cut through various materials like cardboard and wood just fine.  It is a very impressive multi-tool with a very narrow profile that is very easy to carry in a pocket if needed.  They also include a case that attaches to a belt to carry the tool that way if you want.

  • High quality forged jaws are stronger than cast version
  • Textured composite handle material (G-10 Compound) is easy on the hands, wet or dry
  • Bottle opener doubles as a pry bar to save wear and tear on other components
  • Butterfly style opening with spring-loaded jaws is easy to use
  • Large fine edge blade features high grade 420HC stainless steel
  • Large fully serrated blade features high grade 420 HC stainless steel
  • Multi-purpose plier jaws are forged from 6150 carbon steel and include wire strippers and diagonal cutters for electrical projects
  • Extra-thick pry bar is thicker than the other components and is tough enough for the heaviest jobs
  • Magnetic bit driver features the commonly used #2 Phillips bit for all-around versatility but can be used with any bit
  • The large flat driver is your friend for many things, including straight slot screws
  •  A small flat driver handles your small straight slot screw needs
  • The utility blade is the perfect implement for rough work and scraping surfaces that might damage the fine edge blade
  • Wedge lock secures all components for safe use
  • Polyester sheath can be used to keep your multi-tool within easy reach
  • Backed by Gerber’s Lifetime Warranty
  • Assembled in Portland, OR USA

gerber3So, to wrap my first review up I will summarize this by saying that this is a very high quality multi-tool that is great for the guy that goes in the wilderness but also has a day job that may require some quick maintenance type tasks on the fly. As the old saying goes a tool that does many things is usually never as good as a tool designed to do that specific task. It’s also nice to see a high quality product that is made in the USA too and Gerber is doing that by making the MP1 multi-tool.