If you’re not familiar with our Power Tool Forum, you have to check it out. We have a bunch of people who have come together and built a great community. If you have questions, want to show off your work or just talk, this is a great place to hang out.

While there are some very cool comments on the forum, I wanted to highlight a certain topic. Over time these people have become friends and it’s cool to talk with them and hear their thoughts and opinions. One cool thing is some of the work they have done, so I just wanted to pass it along because it’s pretty cool what they have built and done.  All of these guys have done some very nice work.  Also these are just some of the examples.  Sorry if I forgot anyone.

ConductorConductor562 – He just bought a new house and is remodeling the whole house.  Man I just did my bathroom and it took forever.




regoRegopit – He is working on his son’s kitchen doing a full demo.  Some very cool pictures and what he has done to open the kitchen up and make it bigger.  The kitchen is night and day.  Awesome job.




HaroldHarold – He is in the process of doing some work to his house.  He will be expanding and remodeling his two bathrooms.  Before he can do that, he has to move a closet.




chrisChrisK – He put a new pellet stove in his house with some nice tile work for his hearth pad.





nickNicholasshetley – He is restoring an old truck.  I can’t wait to see this project when he is done.  I love old trucks.





JavierJavier – He built a fence around an a/c unit, offering protection and making it look very nice.





OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAstroboy – This guy builds some incredible sets for operas and other shows.  This is just one example.




conductor 1Conductor562 – Here he is again doing some tile at his mom’s house.




I know there are other projects and sorry about forgetting those, but head over to the forum and check it out.  You don’t even have to sign up for an account.  In fact, you can sign in with your Twitter or Facebook information.