If you have watched any of our drill or impact reviews, you are probably familiar with seeing a blue bit we use.  In fact, we get emails all the time asking about those bits.  A couple years back we received a request to try out some of their bits and other accessories.  Most of the time we ignore these emails because they tend to be cheap junk.  After doing a little research, this company intrigued us and we decided to give them a shot. Well turns out, they actually make some pretty good stuff and for a great price. The company is called OEMPTA and don’t forget to check out our previous review of OEMPTA.

While they no longer make the blue bits, actually Hitachi bought that line, they do make other accessories.  Some of the accessories they sent along included drill bits, reamer, nut setters, impact bits and oscillating bits.  While everything seems like good quality, what I really want to focus on is the Oscillating blades.  In regards to the other items, there are so many alternatives from inexpensive to expensive.  For the oscillating blades, you can get inexpensive and expensive blades, but with this segment, you do get what you pay for.  I usually use Bosch blades and they are great.  They last longer than other blades, but they are expensive.  However I have tried the Harbor Freight ones and while they are inexpensive, they tend not to last.

The OEMPTA oscillating blades are a little different.  While they are very inexpensive, they tend to last a long time or at least comparable to the brand name blades.  I asked myself how can they be so much cheaper, but still be quality.  Well my guess is the marketing and fancy packaging.  When you look at OEMPTA’s website, there are no thrills, in fact it is very bland.  Even when you get the blades, you don’t get all the fancy packaging which you tend to throw out anyways.  The blades just come in a box.  So when you cut out marketing aspects of this accessory, I can see why they can still make a quality blade and be less expensive.

Awhile back I was cutting out an Ash wood floor due to water damage.  Now we tried to save as much as possible and leave some of the wood on the floor.  I ended up using a brand name blade, but it cost a small fortune cutting out the floor.  Sure, I could do most of it with a circular saw, but there was still a lot I had to do with an Oscillating tool.  At the time I wish I knew about these blades because I would have bought a bunch of these for a 1/3 of the cost and saved some money.

Again, they have some other stuff as you can see by the video and pictures, but for me the oscillating blades is where I see a huge value here.