A phone these days is something you almost always have with you. The iPhone 5 is an engineering marvel, so sleek and slim. The problem is that it can get damaged easily. Recently Eric purchased an iPhone 5 and he got an Otter box for it. The Otter box is a tough case, but it isn’t dust or water proof and is quite large and bulky. We reviewed the Lifeproof for our iPhone 4 here and it really did a good job at protecting the phone. The Lifeproof case protects your phone from water, dust, shock, dirt, mud etc.. You name it and the Lifeproof case will survive through it. Best of all you can wash it under a faucet to clean it off.

All this protection does not come for free though. Since the case is waterproof up to 6.6′ for up to 30 minutes, it is sealed and the sound and mic quality do suffer a bit. When on calls I found a few people had a hard time hearing me, especially on speakerphone. Also when we shot video we would have some muffled sound. The screen isn’t as as clear as the naked iPhone due to a rugged screen protector that is almost impervious to scratches . The buttons are easy to access and have a nice feel to them even with work gloves on. You can use this phone in the rain, bathtub, lake, I even put it in a fish tank to take a picture. It really is amazing to see it work in water. Underwater video is now a reality with your phone.

For the jobsite you need complete protection. We deal with dust, moisture, grime, dirt, paint, grease, just about everything. The Lifeproof will protect your most valuable tool. One of the best features of the Lifeproof is its size. It retains a slim profile making it easy to put in and out of your pocket. The headphone port is covered by a removable screw that is easily lost if you are not careful. For non Apple headphones you can use the included adapter. Lifeproof also offers accessories like life jacket which is a must have for when you are out on the lake. If you need the ultimate protection give Lifeproof a shot.