Extension cords have been around for ever and have always been a pain in the ass to manage.  There have been many types of devices and for years people have used the spring powered cord reel.  This was a great idea, but it is always hard to get it to hold in place and sometimes it will just retract for no reason taking out whatever is in the way with a whipping action.  The RoboReel pretty much solves all these issues by using an electric motor for the retract, it also has a tangle free 12 gauge 50″ cord.

The unit is designed so you can swivel the cord 360 degrees in any direction with no hang ups.  The cord can be retracted from either the base or the power head of the cord with a push of a button and stops the instant it gets caught on something.  The same button allows you to turn off power to the unit and set the docking speed.  The docking speed allows you to set the cord to slow down at a certain point to avoid any whipping.  The AC cord you plug into the outlet has a 15 amp reset fuse on it and makes an audible tone when plugged in to acknowledge you have power.

The powerhead of the unit is 3 15 amp outlets with orange LED lights to give you a visual that you have power.  Unlike other cord management systems the RoboReel is smart and will shut down if it detects an overheat situation therefore preventing a complete overload.  If for some reason the cord gets severed, the power will be automatically turned off.  The cord can also be easily replaced.  The unit is rugged and well built.

Overall, I like the RoboReel.  It is the best power cord I have ever used and has a 4 year or 4000 wind warranty.  The RoboReel retails for $279 which is a bit steep, but considering the technology and safety features of the unit it is the best cord reel on the market.  All other cord management systems seem so dull now!  Check out Roboreel.com