If you claim to be tough, you better be tough.  Here at Tools In Action we like to take things to the extreme.  So to test the IP65 water spray rating of the DeWALT  DWST08203 ToughSystem Box we decided to take it water skiing.  The box was pulled under water and splashed around quite a few times before the handle broke.  We didn’t count the handle breaking a failure because we put it under extreme load.  We actually were impressed that it lasted while being submerged underwater and being pulled full throttle from a boat.

Another surprise was that the box did not leak much water while under intense water pressure.  The case has an air pressure twist valve at the top so you can release the air if it becomes hard to open due to air pressure.  Next we took a 1000lb Kawasaki Mule 610 and drove up onto it.  There was some noticeable flex on the lid, but the box held the weight with no issues.  Next I loaded one of Eric’s Milwaukee impacts, a small sledge hammer and splitting anvil.  I threw the box about 5 times before I really threw it down and it hit  the ground hard.  It cracked the back corners and the tool tray.  However the box still works and functions, I don’t think any other stackable tool box could have come close to the abuse that we put this box through.

To wrap it up the ToughSystem impressed me and earned the ToughSystem name.  It is easy to carry thanks to the 4 handles and easily stacks and locks into other ToughSystem cases.  The abuse we put it through was excessive and the box took it.  We highly recommend the ToughCase and for right now it is the toughest interlocking tool box on the market.


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