A few months back Milwaukee Tool started comparing 18V FUEL drills to the Makita 2nd generation brushless 18v Drill.  Milwaukee pretty much smoked the Makita!  So now that Milwaukee is gloating as the king of the hill, DeWALT  has to come along and rain on the parade.  DeWALT has released some durability videos comparing the two.

I am a huge DeWALT fan and think the DCD985 is the best drill on the market and it is not even brushless,  however I have to leave that at the door on this one and let my editorial instinct take over.  To be fair to Milwaukee, when the guy in the video says “So we have a fresh battery fully charged”  he shows the Milwaukee battery that has no status lights being indicated.  So we really do not know the charge status of the battery.  We saw him use it before he took it off, but then it was off camera for the test.  So I would say this result is not confirmed.  Either way it is fun to watch the brands bash each other.

Enjoy the videos.