Recently Eric titled an article “Bosch worksite table saw review – Is there any other.” Well of course there is another and it’s a bit less money too! I just recently started using portable table saws, I used to be scared of them. You need to be very careful when operating one of these and all joking aside, need safety gear including goggles. What I have learned in my crash course on table saws is is that you want to have a quality saw. Quality saws produce better cuts thus saving you time and money on wasted material.

The R4510 replaces the 410LS table saw with a host of new features and revisions. Let’s start with the stand. The stand is important because it helps transport the 94lb tool around the job site and needs to be stable enough to eliminate any wobble for precise cuts. RIDGID calls it the Table Saw Utility Vehicle and it is very easy to fold. Even though in the video I had some trouble due to ignorance, the unit folds flawlessly. The fence, miter gauge, push stick and all the guards etc… are easily stowed on the unit. The riving knife is easily removable via a lever, and the guards easily snap into position with no use of tools Woo hoo.

15 amps @ 4,400 rpm is what the R4510 throws out, to tame all that power the unit has a soft start which helps prevent from tripping a breaker. It will rip a 4×4 like butter, well not quite butter, but you get the idea. The table extends easily with the pull of a lever providing 25 in. right of the blade / 12 in. left of the blade. The measurement markings are sort of unique in that they are basically a tape measure that extends when you slide out the table. In our tests every cut was perfectly accurate. Adjustments on the saw are simple and the rip fence locks into place with a lever. The rip fence also has a feature called micro adjust, basically it is a dial and rubber wheel that precisely adjusts the fence. It really dials in the adjustment, everything is well laid out.

We used the saw to build a work bench and needed to rip some plywood, the saw performed flawlessly. When we talked with contractors on the job site, a lot of them recommended this saw for it’s quality and price. On a personal note I really like the saw. Everything fits where it should and we got accurate straight cuts every time. RIDGID is serious about tools for the contractor and doing a good job in filling their needs. A 3 year warranty and lifetime service agreement cover this tool. If you are in the market for a portable table saw the RIDGID R4510 is an excellent choice.