What happens when a Veto Pro Pac gets pregnant?  It has little Veto Pro Pac babies.  Ok, before I start going into all the technical jargon like PVC Impregnated denier nylon, double stitched heavy duty plastic coil zippers,  industrial double stitched stitching.  I am just going to tell what I really like about these new small bags.  They are perfect for service jobs and punch list items,  I hook mine onto the side of my VPP LC.  If I get to a job and only need a few tools I can grab my TP3 that has my commonly used tools in.  This way I don’t have to lug around a bunch of extra tools that I do not need.  What’s even more of a bonus is the hook that holds it on the main bag works great at hanging on your belt as a tool holder.

A lot of engineering went into the just the hook alone,  it is innovative in the way that it locks on to whatever you clip it to.  You can be assured that the bag will not fall off when climbing or maneuvering around.  I use the MB to hold my multimeter and network tracing devices.  The bag protects them from the environment and I am still able to put my hand tools on either side for easy access.  It can even hold all my network wire and electrical tape on the side with the included strap.  Another bonus feature I found is that it fits my 7″ Samsung Galaxy Tab,  I use this to trace wifi networks.  Now I can keep all my gadgets and tools in one location and not worry about them getting destroyed by the elements.

Veto Pro Pac makes the toughest bags on the planet and the TP3 and MB are two more examples of Vetos commitment to the professional tradesman.  There is always extra room when you need to fit a tool in and you get a 5 year zero down time warranty. The quality is stellar from its leather to it is double stitching.   Hey I just had an epiphany,  Veto Pro Pac tool belt system hmmmmm.  Check out Veto Pro Pac

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