We have a had a chance to check out a few tools from Metabo now and they never disappoint.  The SB 18 LTX is the 18 V hammer drill of the line up, we got a chance to check out the bare tool.  The drill is built to last and deliver maximum power on the job site which it does very well.  While most manufactures are jumping on the brushless bandwagon, Metabo went with the tried and tested powerful 4 pole motor.  Combined with an optional Metabo 4.0 ah battery the SB 18 LTX can give any brushless a run for the money.

The Futuro Plus quick-action key-less chuck is one of the best I have seen, it is all metal and little effort is required to secure a bit.  It really clamps down tight.  The chuck can be removed to expose a 1/4 hex drive which is great for driving hex attachments, however our unit had no way of securing the hex bit and it kept falling out.  They also offer a Quick Angle Attachment that replaces the chuck for right angles.  Here is an example of accessories that are available in the U.K.  The U.K. also has an impulse and chuck quick release feature that the U.S. versions do not have.  IT also comes with a plastic bit holder that clamps around the head of the tool when the handle is not installed.

We used Metabos new 4.0 AH battery which gave us brushless like run-time.  The SB 18 LTX lays down some good solid smooth power.  We used our 1″ auger on some tree trunks and the drill had no issues going through on speed 1.  In speed 2 through the same material we experienced the overload protection which was expected.  For precise drilling through metal the chuck was straight and drilled a precise hole each and every time.  For driving, the tool has a 7 setting clutch that works with both speeds providing greater control over your work.  The trigger is responsive and the brake stops the chuck from spinning the instant you release the trigger. The balance is good and the grip is comfortable.  The over-sized speed control switch is on both sides of the tool and the clutch settings are on top in a slider configuration with detents.  The hammer/drill mode is at the head of the tool.  Hammer mode puts out 28000 BPM.  One thing we liked when drilling through concrete was that there was minimal vibration transferred to our hands.  The tool absorbed it.  Speed one produces 0-400 rpm and speed 2 0-1400.  The SB 18 LTX puts out an insane 885 in-lbs of torque.  A base mounted LED light illuminates your work area and is pressure activated from the switch.

Metabo covers this tool by a 3 year warranty and like every other Meatbo tool we have reviewed, is top notch.  If you use tools to make your livelihood, then you need Metabo tools.