Veto Pro Pac has taken its literally bullet proof bags and designed what is the ultimate tech laptop bag. If the military needed a laptop bag for the troops, the Veto Pro Pac LT would be it. It has 34 pockets in total that holds just about everything you can imagine. Tablets, cameras, laptops, catalogs, tools, just about everything you need for field service fits nicely in this bag. It even has wetsuit like material pockets that contour to whatever is in there. Dedicated thumb pockets hold thumb drives and any other small devices you may have.

The base is made from the same 3mm Polypropylene as the tool bags, which is unbelievably tough. When we shot up the XXL with shotguns and rifles the base withstood the bullets. It almost self sealed itself. The rest of the bag is made from 600 PVC impregnated Denier Nylon which is waterproof. Marine grade zinc rivets, double stitching and powder coated D rings scream quality. Veto covers this product with a 5 year warranty. Remember, this is a soft bag and not a hard case so if you run it over with a truck you might damage the equipment inside.

Some noticeable changes from previous bags is the lightened handle design and the hook on the shoulder strap to stow it when not in use. There are also light brown leather accents that give it a plush look. Make no mistake, you won’t find Veto Pro Pacs at Walmart, they are designed for the professional and at around $200 the LT isn’t cheap. But if you’re looking for the best protection you can get in a soft bag for all your electronics, the LT is well worth the price. I work in the IT field and the LT bag is more than just a bag for me, it is a tool. It allows my to carry all my diagnostic equipment around and easily see my tools at a glance. I can keep my service manuals in the file pockets and I use the tape measure clip to hang my DeWALT DCF610 drill from.

The bag seems to be bottomless, there is always an extra space to fit something in. The bag is heavier than most laptop bags due to it being built like a tank but I it is the only bag I trust to protect my valuable electronic equipment. Tools In Action highly recommends the Veto Pro Pac.

NOTE: In the pictures some have the TP3 and MB attached to the bag.  They are sold separately and we will have them reviewed here soon.