4.0 Batteries and brushless seem to be the rage for 2012. We already reviewed the Metabo W18LTX grinder powered by 3.0 Ah batteries and thought it to be one of, if not the best cordless grinder on the market.  Well now the same tool is available with a 4.0 Ah battery.  Metabo claims this gives you up to 33% more runtime than a standard 3.0 Ah pack.  We had to check it out for ourselves so they sent us one.  One thing that I really like about Metabo is the air cooled chargers.  You can literally throw on a hot pack, it will charge and cool it so when it’s done it is ice cold and ready to work.  Metabo doesn’t mess around, they build tools for the professional who makes a living with his tools.  The batteries are full of electronics that monitor and maintain voltage to make the battery last.

We did a video of  cutting up some rebar, but it was incredibly boring so we did not post it.  We did three tests and each time got the same result, 7 cuts with the 3.0 and 10 cuts with the 4.0 Ah battery, we used 2 identical W18LTX grinders.  So it seems that the 33% claim is spot on.  Metabo is the first to bring 4.0 to the US market and others are to follow suit.  Case in point, a DeWALT Owners Group user just spotted some DeWALT 4.0 batteries in Australia. Power tools are all about power and runtime and the new 4.0 Ah batteries make Metabo the one to beat in runtime.  Check out Metabo