A few weeks back we reviewed the Husqvarna 560BTS Back Pack blower and fell in love with it.  A few years back I purchased an Echo 306 from Home Depot.  It seemed like a good saw until I got it home.  I had to return the first one because it wouldn’t start and the second one never ran right!  Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore!  I needed to get a quality, reliable saw.  I had my eyes set on the Husqvarna 450 18″ chain saw.  It has a $389.95 MSRP and a reliable easy to start 50.2 cc X-Torq engine. The saw is feature packed so let’s break it down.

The 450 e-series weighs in at 11.3lbs and puts out 3.2 hp.  It is easy to start thanks to a button that releases the compression and an all in one auto return stop/run/choke switch.  In our tests it usually started on the 2nd or third pull when cold.  The X-Torq engine provides plenty of power to drive the 18″ chain while releasing less emissions and sipping less fuel . I am not sure how they gauge fuel consumption, perhaps it’s trees per gallon!  The engine is well covered by the saw’s plastic body which is easily removed to allow access to maintenance items. The X-Torq uses a 50:1 mix and has a capacity of just under 1 US pint with a clear site gauge. The chain oil tank holds just over half a pint. Both tanks had big openings which helped prevent spills when filling.

I was impressed by the control and balance of this saw.  We talked with some local tree experts about the saw and got positive feedback on the Husqvarna brand.  We cut down some thick brush and a few trees as with chain chaw always wear safety gear.  The power band was strong and vibration was minimal, I could easily see using this saw all day without fatigue. I was really quite surprised at the comfort level of this saw, it just feels right.  One of my favorite features is the tool-less chain tensioner, it is simple to adjust and a must have.  Always check your tensioner before cutting and make sure it does not come loose.   Overall the Husqvarna 450 is a great 18″ chain saw that will do the job every time.  Check out Husqvarna for more information.