3 days ago we received a Milwaukee M12 thermal imager for review and have been playing with it ever since.  It is a great thing to have, but with a $2500 price tag few people can afford it.  Someone hinted in the DeWALT Owners Group forum of a new imager, but we never really had any solid evidence until today.  The DCT416S1 is a 12v MAX imaging thermometer.  It is roughly the size and portability of the DCT414  12V MAX thermometer with the capabilities of a thermal imager.

It has a 2.2″ screen and has most of the same features as the Milwaukee, like the ability to take both a thermal and normal picture for reference.  It includes a Micro SD card and has the ability to render reports.  It also has a tracking feature that can be enabled and automatically shows the hottest (red cursor) and coldest (blue cursor) spots in the viewing area.  Ok but here is the kicker, it is only $999.00 OMG!  That is a breakthrough price point, it is essentially bringing thermal imaging to the masses.  A thermal imager has so many uses it is incredible, it can detect all kinds of issues.  I have to say this is the most exciting tool release I have anticipated…  EVER!

Tools In Action is all over this one!