A phone is your most important tool.  When you’re on a job-site you use it for phone calls, taking pictures and making calculations.  I even use mine as a level with the Johnson Level App.  I recently upgraded to an iPhone 4S and I am deathly afraid of damaging it when working.  I did some research on the net and came across a few options, but most were too bulky for my needs.  Then I came across the Lifeproof case, a waterproof case that gives you maximum protection against anything you throw at it.

The first thing LifeProof wants you to do when you receive the case is water test it.  I like this idea because it gave me confidence that the case is water tight. After the water test I placed my phone in the case and was impressed by the snug fit.  I know on some cases the buttons are hard to operate, not with the LifeProof.  The buttons are easy to use.  Since the unit is waterproof it includes a screen protector which works flawlessly.  There were no gaps between the protector and the screen.  The LifeProof is designed for more than just being waterproof, it is sand, dust, dirt, snow and shock proof.  Really anything you can throw at the case during your daily life.  It can handle up to a 6.6 foot drop with ease.

The case is basically 2 parts that snap together and have a rubber gasket between them.  For the headphone jack there is a plug that unscrews.  This is easy to lose and luckily they include an extra one.  They also include an adapter so you can use aftermarket head phones and for you swimmers, you can order an optional swimming headphone adapter.  On the bottom of the case is a latch that opens to fit the standard 30 pin connector that comes with the iPhone.  The back of the case is designed to enhance the quality of the sound.  The case back is designed to act as sort of a sub woofer to enhance the sound.

Call quality is good and I did not have any issues, however sometimes during speaker phone calls people could not hear me well.  This was easily remedied by blowing into the lower left speaker/mic port to clear any debris or water that had accumulated there.  Overall, I think this is by far the best case that offers full protection out there.  I have used my phone in the bath tub, the shower, dropped it in snow, etc…   At $79.99 the LifeProof case is not cheap, but compared to replacement costs of a new phone I’d say it is a good deal.  Its relatively small size makes it perfect for daily use and because it’s dust and waterproof you can get it dirty and wash it.

It has a 90 Day warranty that can be extended to a 1 year if you pass a test, yes really!  It actually is a really good idea.  They also have an upcoming iPad case, which looks to be awesome.

 More info (Via LifeProof.com)