Everyday more and more women are using power tools to do home improvements, build things and repair items around the house.  We tend to get emails from women asking what type of tools should they buy or how can they learn and get experience, so we decided to make an article geared towards this.  Now we did name this women and power tools, but it pretty much can be used for both females and males who are looking to get started with power tools and home improvements.

The first thing you need to know is that it is not complicated and you can take this new hobby on.  Especially now that the economy is bad, why not learn and save yourself some money.  Instead of hiring someone else for these small repairs, try it yourself.  The biggest thing thing is make sure your comfortable.  Never do anything you’re not comfortable with especially with power tools.  If you don’t like using circular saws, then don’t use them unless your with someone who can show you or teach you how to properly use a saw.

OK the big question.  What manufacture or type of tools do I need.  A while back we created an article Women and Power Tools.  This give a nice overview of what type of tools you might need to get started.  However your situation might be different.  Your project will guide you on what tools you might need.  OK the biggest question is what manufacture should I go with.  We wish we could give you a solid answer, but everyone is different.  First go with a brand name.  There are companies out there who try to market to women, which is fine.  However some of these brands are very cheap.  They end up making the project harder.  As an example we saw one company who was making piers geared towards women.  We tried them out and while they looked nice, they didn’t do the trick.  While they would hold a bolt, it just didn’t hold the bolt tight and secure, so the pliers just kept falling off.  Now if your new to tools you might think you were doing something wrong, in fact it was that the pliers were just junk.  We would really suggest going to your local store and actually putting your hands on the tools.  Pick them up.  How do they feel?  Talk with a knowledgeable worker and we do stress knowledgeable.  Get their opinion.  You really want a tool that feels good in your hands, one your comfortable with.  Just make sure your tools are quality and you feel comfortable with them.

Before you start with any work, always remember safety.  Wear safety glasses, eye protection or other safety items when needed.  Just remember that when you screw up you can always fix a mistake, but you can not fix damage to your body.

When you get your tools, don’t try and tackle a huge job right away.  We would even suggest getting some scape wood and try drilling and screwing just so you get the hang of using your new tools.

As always we want to hear from you.  If you have questions or comments, let us know.