Dremel and Chip Wade show you how to install a crown molding, the steps and video are below.  Also Dremel is giving away a Dremel Trio to one lucky Tools In Action reader.  To enter sign up for Twitter, Facebook or our newsletter. If you have already signed up you are automatically entered.

Tackling America’s To-Do List: Project Steps

Installing Shoe Molding

Living Room/ Bedroom


Tools Needed

  • Dremel 8200 Rotary Tool



  • 2500-01 Multi-Vise
  • 430 Sanding Drum
  • 407 Sanding Drum (optional)


Additional Materials

  • Wall adhesive
  • 2500-01 Multi-Vise or clamps
  • Pencil


Project Steps

  1. Mark the molding with how much material and at what angle you wish to remove in order to fit to room size.
  2. Using the 430 Sanding Drum, sand shoe molding to line. We recommend making multiple passes to achieve desired result instead of trying to remove all material in one hard sweep.
  3. Once the molding is trimmed to the desired length and angle, put in place. Repeat accordingly with remaining pieces of molding.