The trailer arrived by truck on a pallet.  The box of the trailer is assembled and all the parts are inside of it.  Installation is relatively simple and took me about an hour using hand tools.  I like to use hand tools on projects like this so I don’t strip or over torque things.  To start we turned the box upside down and attached the frame followed by the axles and the ram.

The wiring is pretty straight forward, but I found the connection between the frame and tongue was a bit tight.  There are a few zerk fittings you will need to grease on the axles and pivot point. Once it is all together, grab a helping hand and lift the wagon upright.  Normally at this point you would want to install the dump switch on your ATV and wire power and lights to the trailer.  But since we were to use the trailer on a few different ATV’s, we decided to modify the the wiring and use a Bosski gas can mount to hold a battery making the unit self sufficient.  The switch was mounted to the trailer and worked like a charm, a normal 12V car battery lasted long enough to get the job done.  Our trailer also had a wireless feature in which we did not even have to leave the vehicle to operate the dump.  We found the wireless dump system to be intermittent, the cheap Chinese remotes were the culprit.  We talked with Bosski and they said they were redesigning the remotes to resolve this issue.

The first job we had for the ATV wagon was to move some gravel around being pulled by a garden tractor.  Right away we noticed that the trailer dump has some major power, it would dump a full load of gravel without breaking a sweat.  The unit is not fast but it has a lot of torque to get the job done.   It tracked solid and the brakes were a huge help at going down inclines.  The removable dump door on the back can open from both the top and bottom.  On the outside four corners are nice rubber coated rings to secure your load, anything we threw at this trailer it could handle with its 1100lbs payload capacity.  The tongue has a standard 2″ ball hitch.

The second task we had setup was a trip up north to get a cabin ready for the winter hunting season,  gravel and wood had to be moved.   We abused this trailer, we took it over rough terrain at high speeds with a load, jumped logs with it.  We loaded it with as much weight as we could and it held up.  Through harsh terrain and deep mud, the trailer was right in line behind us.

To wrap it up, the ATV Wagon is one tough trailer, it held up to a major beating.  If your ATV can get there, you know the ATV wagon will be right behind you.  The rear brake and tail light make it perfect for the trails and is a huge safety bonus.  Trailer brakes also help slow your ATV.   DR just got on the ATV trailer bandwagon also with the Versa-Trailer.