Sometimes you want a feature packed tool at not such a feature packed price.  Well we came across the 909 available at Sears and we ended up using it much more than we thought.  Eric usually writes the saw articles, but this time I thought I might try.  The first feature that screams out is the 15 AMP motor at 5500 rpm, it’s a screamer.   It has 60 degrees left and 52.5 Degree right of Miter range and dual bevel is 45 degrees left or right.  It has a laser sight that is dead on.  A work clamp holds your work.  YAWN, I am already boring myself  with the stats so let’s move on.

Overall, the saw is good bang for your buck, it is packed with features and the quality is ok.  Eric was yapping about how he did not like the quality of the knobs for all the adjustments and I agree with him there.  Other than that, it’s not a bad low cost, full featured 10″ miter saw.