Lately some power tool brands have been getting their hands dirty in the hand tool market, Kobalt is doing the opposite and entering the power tool market.  Kolbalt and Lowes aim to hit the market with innovative, powerful, quality kits at half the price of some competitors. To add to the value they offer a 5 year / 3 year battery warranty which is right up there with Milwaukee.  Tools In Action had a chance to check out Kobalt’s new tools this week in New York City.  The outcome was quite surprising and we learned a lot about the Lowes as a company and the people who designed the tools. They have also revamped their automotive hand tools. Kobalt is touting these tools professional grade so let’s go over some notable things.

Warranty:  Kobalt hand tools have a lifetime warranty.   The power tools have a 3 year battery warranty and a 5 year tool warranty.  Here is another feature that I really like, say you buy a socket set and you lose a socket?  Just go online and they will send you another socket for the price of shipping.  That is a crazy Costco style tactic, but I love it!  It’s like an insurance policy.  Now to quote one of their videos “Our Tools are tougher than a $2 steak”  I thought this was rather amusing.

Price:  They offer the tools in kits and individually.  They come in both NiCd and Lithium Ion flavors.  The entry level NiCd kit starts at $169 and the Lithium kit is $269.  They offer a 2 speed drill driver, circular saw, work light and a reciprocating saw.  They have a great price point on these tools making them very attractive.


Tool Box:  They have added Zerust to the plastic that prevents tools from rusting.

Reciprocating saw: head can be rotated to allow you to get into tight areas

Corded tools: have a corded reciprocating and circular saw that have a power light right in the handle so you know if you have juice to your tool.

Truck tool box:  this box had a quality feel to it and I liked the handle system which allows the user to open it from either handle.

Double Drive Screwdriver:  Allows the user to ratchet the handle left and right while retaining one direction at the screw end.

Overall I like the Kobalt line up, the tools feel quality and the price is right and the warranties are great! Professional tools, not a professional price.  We hope to be giving you in depth reviews soon.

Stay tuned for Eric’s post about the event, in the mean time you can visit our friends who also attended and their write ups.

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