We have reviewed a lot of inspection cameras lately and they all have different features and price points.  To me the biggest thing is image quality and if a camera can focus up close, after all that’s what inspection cameras are for, to inspect!  The General Tools & Instruments Seeker 100 does not disappoint on image  quality.  Unlike most inspection cameras that have a screen, the Seeker 100 does not, instead it is wireless and uses your PC as the screen.  This has a few advantages, first you get a software program that utilizes the power of your PC to capture images and record video. Second you can get the camera into tighter areas that a normal inspection camera cannot and a has a bonus feature where you can use Skype to relay your video live anywhere in the world.  With most everyday applications you probably will not use the Skype feature however  for certain trades this is a huge advantage.  Lets say you have to send a tech to a remote location to fix a machine, the tech can find the issue and Skype back the video to engineers and get invaluable assistance.

The camera itself has a has a 12mm diameter, 1m long probe which is relatively thin to get into those tight spots.  The probe is easily changed out with the other optional probes that are available.  The range from the camera to the wireless receiver is about 32 feet which isn’t bad.  We were able to get about 30 feet in our tests and had a wall in the way.  The unit has the ability to change the wireless channel incase you get interference.  The resolution is 320×240 and in our tests the picture was clear.  On the camera itself is a switch to adjust the LED intensity and it also includes a pick, magnetic pickup and a 45 degree mirror that easily slide on the end.  The unit is powered by the included lithium rechargeable battery that takes 3-4 hours to recharge and gives you 2 hours of runtime.

It is covered by a 3 year warranty and comes in a blow molded case with a charger, usb cable, RSV100 receiver that plugs into your PC and a software cd.  The cd is one of those mini cd’s so it won’t fit in certain slot load cd drives and Mac users are out of luck as its Windows only.  Overall, I like the DCS100.  It has a great price point and works well for most applications.  If you want a screen, General offers a host of other cameras for all applications.  For more specs visit General Tools & Instruments