To some tools are just what you need to fix a thing here or there, but to others tools are your livelihood. If your the latter then the Veto Pro Pac is your bag. This is the OT-XL the medium bag in the Veto Pro Pac open top line up and like the other Veto Pro Pac’s it does not disappoint.

This is our 5th review of a Veto bag so I am going to approach this review differently:

This Bag is BAD A&*! Nothing comes close to the quality and durability of this bag. The 3mm Polypropylene base is almost indestructible and waterproof perfect for when you set your bag down in a wet environment. You know all the specs from our previous reviews, so in this review we decided to test how tough a Veto Pro Pac really is.  We took the OT-XXL to a gun range and put it up against an AR-15 assault rifle, a shot gun and a few rifles.  Obviously from the videos I cannot aim to save my life, but the other guys could.  We shot over 200 rounds at the bag, we tried to destroy the bag as much as we could.  The bag remained intact and is still operational.  Nothing comes close to a Veto Pro Pac it is one of those products that just last and lasts no matter what.

I cannot say enough of how this bag has impressed me.

If people dont like the Veto you can always beat them over the head with it!