Everyone knows ACDelco as an automotive parts manufacturer, at least that”s how I know them. It seems lately Tool brands are expanding into the ever popular automotive market, and why not?  It’s a huge market, especially in this economy when people are electing to fix things themselves to save money. ACDelco is releasing a slew of new tools and we have been lucky enough to review them.  The first up is the ARZ1204D kit, it comes in a nice blow molded case that fits both tools and the included 30 min charger fits perfectly.

Let’s start with the inspection camera.  Right away from picking the unit up I could tell it was a rugged quality unit.  The camera cable is longer and more flexible than most inspection cameras in this price range.  The waterproof 8 MM camera head  makes it easy to get in and out of tight spots.  The screen is 3″ and allows you to rotate the image if you get into tight spots. If you need a closer look the 2.5X 11 setting zoom will get you in close and the 4 setting LED light will illuminate your area, if you want to record the unit also has a video out.  We gave the camera to Ron over at Ram Automotive and let him put it to work.  The results were impressive! He loves it and uses it all the time, it saves him time and makes him money. He easily pinpointed leaks and and even found a part rattling in a fender! The camera is TIA approved!

Now the ARD12113 Drill-Driver:

It’s ACDelcos entry into the popular 12V lithium Ion market. The tool itself feels ergonomic in the hand and weighs in at 2.2 lbs, it pumps out 142in-lbs of torque at 500 rpms.  You can easily interchange bits via its 1/4″ hex shank quick release and the included LED light keeps your work illuminated.  One thing I really like about this tool is it includes replacement brushes that are easily installed via 2 screw caps on the side.  11 torque settings and a drill mode allow you to complete almost any task.  This tool we gave to Ty at Port Barrington Motorsports our local marina.  You may have seen him in our Rockwell Blade Runner video.  He really likes the tool, its compact and powerful enough for most of his needs.  One thing he commented on was that the battery lasts a long time. He has had the tool for a few weeks now and has not charged the battery yet.

ACDelco has done the research and it paid off!  They have some winners on their hands.  We gave these tools to the Pros and they came back with nothing but positive things to say about them.