Have you ever have an idea for a tool but did not know how to get your name out there? Well Tools In Action is here to help. Send us your idea and we will post it for all our viewers to see and comment on. You never know, a major tool company could be watching! We recommend having a chat with your attorney before you just throw your idea out to the world to make sure your protected

I was contacted by Tim who asked us to take a look at a unique saw that he invented.  So I figured what the heck why not, lets see it.  I was at the local marina when I was watching his video and a few of the people that work there were watching it with me.  We all thought it was just a small miter saw.  Tim then demonstrated the tilt feature, I hear a “WOW” and a “that’s cool”  now our interests were peaked.  As the demonstration went on we talked about times when we wish we had this saw.  Basically it is a compact miter saw that tilts so you can rest your work on the ground and still make a straight cut. make sense? Probably not, luckily we have included the video below that explains it.

There is also no name for this product, so any names you can think of post them. My first thought was Tilt Saw.  I can picture it now, the Rockwell TiltSaw, the Craftsman Tilt Saw DeWalt? Milwaukee?  What company would you like to see make this saw?  Watch the video and let Tim and us know what you think of this tool in the comment box below. Let’s help Tim make his idea a reality ,We need your comments.