Whats better than the Royal Wedding? Spotting DeWALT’s new hand tools. Today while at Home Depot getting supplies for a job, we ran into a DeWALT rep who was showing off DeWALT’s entry into the popular hand tool market. First thing that she demonstrated was the new DWHT33385 25′ Tape and its 13′ Standout, Yes, it goes 13′, It had a very quality and durable feel to it.

Dewalt on Amazon

Because I was supposed to be getting lumber for a work project, I did not get to check out the other tools in detail, so I will give you my first impressions:

DWHT51138 Framing Hammer –  Light good feel to it, great rubber grip

DWST24070 Tool Box- The lid detaches creating another tool box that is perfect to hold a reciprocating saw, I want one.

DWHT10035 Folding Retractable Razor Knife  – I WANT IT!

DWHTXXX47  High Tension Hacksaw – Five saws in one, very innovative I cannot wait to test this one.

I just glanced at the other tools pictured, but did notice that the pliers have the same one touch button as the IRWIN groove locks, we will compare them soon.

All the hand tools are backed by an impressive LIFETIME WARRANTY! I hope that starts spilling over into the power tool line up. Leave a comment.