Well by now you probably have been flipping the channels and come across the Rockwell BladeRunner infomercial.  If you haven’t seen the infomercial, we are pretty sure you have had at least heard of the BladeRunner by now.  I have only bought one thing from an infomercial and it was the biggest piece of junk and waste of money.  After that point I vowed never to buy or use another infomercial product again.  Well since we are a tool site and we have received so many emails about the BladeRunner, we had to give in and try one.


The model number we are going to review today is the BladeRunner RK7321.  Now let’s back up and assume you have been living under a rock and haven’t seen the infomercial, the BladeRunner is basically  a portable scroll saw.  However the Rockwell weighs less than most scroll saws.  The Rockwell only weights about 18 lbs, so it is light enough to carry around without too much trouble.  One nice thing about that BladeRunner is the saw accepts or uses t-shank style blades which is the same as most jigsaws.  So you shouldn’t have to run out and buy any new blades, plus the kit comes with 5 new blades that can be stored in the provided storage drawer.  The top of the table is a stainless steel finish for easier sliding and great durability.  The miter fence that the BladeRunner comes with slides nicely in the groves in the table top and when not in use, there is a storage space on the side of the table.  For the meat and potatoes, the motor is a variable speed motor 8-2800 and has an input power of 5.5 amps.  The variable speed is easy to adjust using a dial on the front left of the table.  On the top of the arm, there is a dust port to collect waste.


Two things we really like about the saw is the ease of blade changes.  We could sit here and try to explain how changing the blade is a snap, but take a look at the video below and you probably will get a better view and understanding of how easy it is to change the blades.  The other item we liked is the wall mount.  You can attach the mount and cut or store directly from one place.

As we noted the saw is basically a scroll saw but represents a stationary jigsaw with a table top.  The table top is a nice size coming in at 15-3/5” x 17”.  We took the saw over to our buddy Ty to let him use it for a couple of weeks.  Ty did a great job going over the tool and showing you the saw in action, which you can see below.  He cut through pipe, wood and more.  We could sit here and explain everything, but you might have a little more fun watching the video below.


Overall this is a great idea.  We would recommend this for the homeowner DIY type person or someone in the shop.  Rockwell is a name we have come to trust over the years and wouldn’t think this product would be any different.  The saw cuts through everything with ease and can cut through a lot of different types of materials.  However we really wish Rockwell would have by passed the infomercial as we have talked to numerous people who are basing their opinion just on an infomercial and have never tried the saw.