You can buy a power tool combo kit for just about anything.  Most manufacturers offer anything from a two piece to a 15 piece kit.  Ridgid is no different, in fact that leads us to our newest power tool combo kit review, the Ridgid 2 piece combo kit.

Power Tool Review – Ridgid Combo Kit

Power Tool Model – R9682

Pros: Professional Tools, well-built, 20 Minute Charger, 2 batteries, heavy duty Drill/Driver

Cons: Reciprocating saw is back heavy, Chuck slippage on drill

Contents of the Ridgid Combo Kit

  • Drill/Driver – R860071
  • One-Handed Reciprocating Saw – R86447
  • 18V Lithium ion – Includes two batteries – R840084
  • 20 minute Fast Charger – R840091
  • Wood Blade
  • Philips Bit
  • Contractor Bag
  • Operating Manual

Nuts & Bolts of the Ridgid


There is nothing like opening a brand new power tool combo kit, it’s like a kid in a candy store.  Your mouth starts watering, you get that big smile on your face, your legs start shaking, well maybe I am going a little too far, but it is fun.  The Ridgid is no different as we were pretty excited about this kit since it was the first one-handed 18V reciprocating saw we have used.

The kit comes with a drill/driver, a one- handed reciprocating saw, two batteries, a charger and a contractor bag.  When first glancing at the drill, we did notice that the chuck head seemed to be bigger than normal, but not for Ridgid.  When we picked up the drill, it felt nice and had a great balance.  The next item was the reciprocating saw, which we were truly after and wanted to use.  The idea and concept is cool.  When we picked up the saw it had great balance and just fit our hand right.  There was some good weight to the tool, not too heavy and not too light.  However when we attached the battery, the balance seemed to be compromised as it was a little back end heavy.  This did worry us a little as balance is very important to us.  The kit also comes with two 18V Lithium-ion batteries which is always key to prevent down time.  On the bottom of the batteries, there is a no mar rubber grip which helps protect the battery and anywhere you set the battery, such as on a nice counter-top or somewhere where you don’t want to leave a mark.  The other notable item with this kit is the charger.  We were expecting a thirty or forty five minute charger as that seems to be the industry standard.  Actually the Ridgid is a twenty minute charger which is very cool.  While the charger is bigger than normal, we would rather take the large size and shorter charge time any day.

We will be reviewing and testing each tool on its own, so stay tuned.


Overall for the price, we really like this kit.  We like that it comes with two Lithium-ion batteries and a quick 20 minute charger, which means no downtime.  The drill is great and has a good overall feel and balance to the tool.  We found the drill/driver to have lots of power, which is always good.  We like the idea behind the one-handed reciprocating saw, but would like to see the weight more evenly spread across the design of the saw.