We get a lot of emails about this Stanley measuring wheel, so we decided to go out and buy one to try.  You can pick this wheel up at all most any hardware store, it is very common.  Now you may be asking yourself, what would I ever use a wheel for?  Basically, a wheel is for long distance measurement such as surveying sites, land measurements, fencing, paving and more.  Unless you’re not in this type of business or another business that would utilize long distant measuring devices, you may never use one.  But when you need one, they are very handy and helpful to have around.

There are a lot of different measuring wheels available on the market today, some not so good and others that are truely professional.  Depending upon what you will be using the wheel for, you can then decide what type and brand to get.  As far as the Stanely wheel, we found it to be pretty accurate.   But before we get into that, let’s talk a little bit about this wheel.

The Stanley wheel has a collapsible handle which makes it nice for storage.  The wheel has a 5 digit counter and a push button reset.  This means the wheel can measure up to 9,999 before it resets to zero.  The wheel is a 85 Durometer wear resistant.  It also has a kick stand which is nice when you have to write numbers down etc.  This way your not laying it on the ground and having to bend over all the time to pick it up.

Over all for the price, this wheel is not to bad.  We found the measurement pretty accurate as we would take measurements, then double check it with a laser unit.  We feel the difference between the laser and the wheel was small enough that we could write it of to our errors.  We do like the collapsible handle, which made it easy to store in our truck as we took this out to test.  This is a great feature to free up some room for the person using this on a weekly basis and needs to keep it in their truck all the time.  The kick stand was very helpful when we were writing down our measurements or just taking a break from walking with the wheel.  We also took in the truck and held it outside the window when we were measuring parking lots.  We could get up to about 15 MPH with the wheel and still get a pretty good, not too accurate, measurement.  However, there were a couple times we would start our measurement and the unit would not register because the numbers where not locked in from the reset.

The one item that did annoy us was the rubber grip.  While it was very comfortable, it didn’t always stay in place.  Sometimes it would just slide off as it was too loose on the handle.  Not enough to say not to get this wheel, but enough to note the problem.

If you are looking for an inexpensive, but reliable measuring wheel, the Stanley isn’t too bad for the price.