Hitachi’s high powered HXP li-ion battery technology boasts it has reinvented the way the power tool world uses cordless power tools. It has three times longer run time, fade free power and almost half the weight of normal batteries. In fact, the HXP Li-ion Battery offers up to 40% less weight than standard Ni-Cd/Ni-Mh batteries.

The Hitachi Hxp Li-ion produces consistent power with no RPM slowdown, unlike traditional Ni-Mh/Ni-Cd and other competitive Li-ion batteries. Hitachi’s circuit technology in the HXP and universal charger prevents the battery from losing full power when in use and overheating when charging, ensuring a full charge each time.

They have a neat interchangeable HXP battery platform. HXP Li-ion batteries are exclusively designed to fit Hitachi’s line of DMR 14.4/18 volt cordless power tools, but also allowing users to upgrade their existing Hitachi 14.4/18 volt cordless with HXP Li-ion battery technology.

The HXP batteries are equipped with a current interruption detection system, thermal protector and an electronic switch to protect the battery against overcharge and discharge. HXP batteries have a low power discharge while in storage, assuring that your tools will always be ready when you are! This battery package definitely carries a “powerful punch”