Rockwell Jawhorse Overview


You have probably seen or at least heard of the Rockwell Jawhorse, but just in case you haven’t, the Jawhorse is one of the most innovative tools made in a long time.  Basically, it is a clamp, a work bench, an extra hand or any other thing you can think of.  The Jawhorse was developed by Rockwell and best of all it is made to a professional grade use.  This is made from a steel base and is one tough tool.  This weights about 43 lbs. and can hold up to 300 lbs.  The clamping force is 1 metric ton.  A user uses their foot, which leaves both hands available to shut the clamp into place.  Once the clamp is in place, just lock the switch and you are ready to roll.

We first saw the Jawhorse at the IHBS in Vegas.  There was a lot at the show, but this did catch our attention since we have heard of this, but never really saw it on a job site. We took the Jawhorse to a local jobsite where they were hanging rock in a new retail facility.  They were making long runs and were just stopping by to talk with some friends.  We showed them the Jawhorse and in a matter of about a half hour, they came up with a way for one guy to hang the rock instead of using two guys.  We wish we could have taking some videos just to show how cool this one little tool could change a jobsite.  Naturally they wanted to keep it for a couple of days until they finished the job.  We also took it to some other sites and the way some of the carpenters used it was amazing.  Just when we thought we saw everything the Jawhorse could do, someone thought of a new and unique way to use this system and make life a little easier.

The Jawhorse Review


As we noted above their is so much the Jawhorse can do, so we didn’t want to get into too much detail as that would get boring.  What we really wanted to cover was three items, the ease of use, the durability and the power to hold.

First is the ease of use.  As you can see by the video below, it is very easy to use.  A user can carry it from one job site to another as this system folds up easy and tight.  Once a user unfolds and sets up the Jawhorse, which is easy, a user can start clamping and working with this system right away.  It is very easy to clamp and lock anything you are working with by just a push of your foot.  Just push down and flip the switch to the lock position and your ready to work.

Second is the durability.  The system is made with a steel base.  The Jawhorse weights 43lbs., can hold 300 lbs. and and has a clamping force of 1 metric ton.  What does all this mean, it is one tough built tool and can withstand a lot of abuse.  We ended up having this on over 6 different job sites and used it in a variety of different applications.  Everything we and the other guys threw at this tool, it stood up to the heavy abuse.  We even had one guy toss it down a flight of concrete stairs to see how it would hold up.  Besides a couple of marks, nothing was wrong.  Once you see this system and try it, you will understand how it is very durable.

Third was the power to hold.  For the video, we just showed a landscape timber in place with Eric putting his weight on the end of the timber to see if would budge.  He weights about 210 and with the leverage, and area he was putting his weight on, at the end, it held, no problems.  Once you clamp something in place, good luck moving it or even getting the object to come loose, except when you release the unlock button and want the item to move.

Final thoughts on the Jawhorse


The Rockwell Jawhorse is very innovative.  This is one of the tools that we feel everyone could make use of. Whether you are a professional or DIY type of user, the Jawhorse is very useful.  There is a lot to love about this system.  We like that it is not cheaply made, Rockwell didn’t cut corners here, very solid.  This system can take a beating and keep on working.  We also like the fact that there are a lot of accessories available with this system, so almost anyone can find a use for the Jawhorse.  Best of all, you can transport this system very easily, store and set up in no time.  We recommend this system for anyone who is serious about their work.