The Skil Flashlight, model 2897 is actually pretty cool.  Now there is not a lot to review about a flashlight, after all it just lights up an area with a push of a button.  However we did want to cover some basics to this flashlight.  The Skil light has an incandescent bulb, which we know for some this is a downfall, but not a deal breaker.  Actually for an incandescent bulb, while it is still a little yellow, this actually pumps out a lot of light.  Obviously in dark areas, it does a great job, but we also found that even using it in well lit areas where you need just a little more light, this does a great job.

One thing we like most about this is the base.  As with most flashlights, the battery acts like a base for the flashlight.  Skil uses a very low profile battery with this flashlight, so it has a very large surface area for the light to sit on.  We found even when placed on uneven ground, it was still very stable.  While some of the other manufacturer lights we have tested, since their batteries have less ground surface area, they tend to be a lot more wobbly.  There is nothing more annoying then being in a tight space and you knock over your flashlight, you know what we are talking about, the kind of area you shouldn’t be in because you can not even move around.

A couple of items to note is that this flashlight uses a push button on/off trigger switch.  Also on the inside, there is a place to store a spare light bulb in case you break yours and need another.  Now as we noted there is not a lot to review or look at in regards to a flashlight, but we wanted to touch on this light and hopefully shed some light (sorry) on the Skil Flashlight.