This is a review of the Skil 18V cordless circular saw that came in the combo kit 2895LI-20.  The model number is 5995.  We have to admit from the start this saw was far more impressive than we expected.  Now this saw packs some pretty good stats for a homeowners saw.  The no load RPM is 4200 and this only weighs about 5.12lbs.  When we first saw this tool, we were a little skeptical being a 5-3/8″ blade and using a 1.3A battery pack.  We sort of jumped to conclusions that this wouldn’t cut much and was more of a toy than a power tool, but after using this for a while, we discovered that we were wrong.

The top D-handle gives the user a lot of control over cuts.    Along with the light weight of the tool, a user can control this saw with greater accuracy.  So in essence Skil designed a great saw for the homeowner, one who may not use a circular saw that often and needs the control and extra little help.  The one item we wish was a little better was the bevel cutting capability.  But again the saw is a 5-3/8″, so you can only go so far with a good bevel cut.

When we tested this saw, we thought we would start off easy.  We cut through some 1/2″ plywood.  We really wanted to see three things with this.  First how easy it was to handle.  Second how clean the cuts were and third how much of the battery would even be left after an 8ft cut.  Now we feel any saw should be able to do this with ease, but again this is a homeowners and we wanted to start somewhere.  Well, not to go into too much detail, it ripped through it with no problems.  So next, which you can see on the video, we ran it through some 3/4″ plywood and again it ripped right through this with no problems.  We made a bunch of cuts and were even putting some good pressure on the saw to go through quickly and trying to turn the saw side to side to get it to bog down.  We  did this a bunch of times and each time it handled this with ease.  We ended up cutting a lot of plywood with just one battery.  Now a homeowner is not going to be doing this while cutting, but nevertheless if it could handle what we were doing.  It can handle cutting some plywood when someone is taking their time and cutting the right way.

Now I am not going to bore you with all the different things we did with this saw, but we can honestly say for a homeowners circular saw, this is a great buy.  One item we tried which this saw did a great job with was a 4×4.  Now it was treated lumber, but still soft wood.  We took this saw and buried it into the 4×4 and cut it long ways to see how well it would handle the cut.  This was an 8ft. piece of lumber.  To make a long story short, it made it through with one battery and still had power left over.  Overall it didn’t bog down until we really put a lot of pressure on the saw, but there is always a point that you go to far in the testing as we are pretty sure no one will put this much pressure on a cut.

Final Thoughts

For a homeowners cordless circular saw, this did a great job and impressed us.  Being on the small size of a cordless circular saw, only 5-3/8″, it put out some serious power and kept up with us.  Even cutting some thicker material, it ran smooth.  The balance and especially the lightweight is a huge plus.  If you are a homeowner and looking for a circular saw, but don’t want to pay a hefty price tag, take a look at this Skil circular saw.