Last week we were visiting a job-site when we ran into a local Hilti rep.  As always we try to find out as much information as possible.  One tool he showed us was the Hilti TE 2.  We had a chance to try it a couple of times, but we just wish we had more time with this drill.  One item to note is Hilti has two different versions, the TE-2 and the TE-2-s.   For the most part they are the same except the 2-s has a precision hammering feature that allows this to drill at 30 impact energy into brittle materials.

We played with the TE-2.  As with most of the other Hilti lines, we loved getting our hands on this drill.  It is extremely light, weighing only about 5lbs.  This made the drilling overhead very easy to control.  Besides the power, we also noticed the long power cord which is 13ft.  To be honest a 15ft cord would have been better because when we were on a ladder you could feel a small pull from where the power cord was plugged into the extension cord.  Not a big deal, but sometimes that becomes very annoying.

The Hilti rotary hammer is very compact and has a great ergonomic design.  This drill is designed for drilling into masonry and concrete, but obviously you can use it on wood, metals and plastics.  The drilling performance is ideal for drilling holes 3/16″ – 3/4″.  The kit we saw came with a plastic case, gauge and side handle.  Again we didn’t have much time with this drill, but from what we did see it looks like a great drill.