Ridgid just announced their new Micro CG-100TM Combustible Gas Sniffer.  This will quickly and accurately detect low levels of methane, natural gas, propane, butane, ammonia and other combustible gases.  Because this detects so many types of gas it makes it ideal for for variety of uses such as plumbing, HAVC, building maintenance and utility work.  The total weight is only 16 oz.   The classifications are class 1, division 1.  A nice feature is the automatic calibration.

There is a silent vibration alert and will vibrate more frequently the closer you get to the source, which is good for loud places.  Currently it is the only gas sniffer on the market that vibrates.  You can also be alerted visually or by sound.  The overall range is 40 ppm to 6400 ppm for methane.  The battery life is said to be 20 hours using a AA battery.  At the end of the 16″ probe, there is a LED light to help light up dark places.

We looked around but couldn’t find out what warranty this gas sniffer carries.