Festool came out with a new planer.  If you are familiar with Festool, you already know it must be great.  The new EHL 65E is a one handed planer.  This is designed for tight areas, hence a one handed planer.  Overall this seems like a great power tool.  This carries a 6.0 amp, 720 watt motor with a spiral cutter head.  This type of cut makes knife changes easy and provides a very smooth cut, chatter free.  One nice feature we noticed right off the bat was this only weighs 5.3 lbs.  So it seems like you will have excellent control when making cuts.  As with most of the Festool’s other line up, this also offers the dust extraction option to help keep your work area clean


Now we haven’t tested this or even heard it in use, but according to Festool it only creates 76 db of sound.  The adjustment seems incredible and you can make adjustments in 1/256″ increments.  The max depth cut is 5/32″ and max rabbeting depth is 29/32″.  This planer comes standard with a parallel guide for more accuracy.

Now if you have been following us for a while, you know we like longer cords on our tools.  A longer cord prevents a lot of aggravation.  A long cord means it doesn’t get caught up on objects if you are using an extension cord.  The Festool Planer comes with a 13′ power cord making it one of the longest power cords we have seen.  Very nice thinking Festool.

Looks like the price is around $400 give or take $25