Most of your basic major brand name tool kits come with a Flashlight, and Makita is no exception.  In this particular kit Makita provides a high illumination, high powered light at 4,500 Lux. The flashlight is consistent with Makita’s compact design, with a length of 11-1/8″ and a weight of only .75 lbs. The light comes with a new Xenon bulb for extra brightness, and runs for up to 4.3 hours per charge. It uses the LXT Lithium-Ion battery. The battery (Ah) is 3.0

When we pulled this flashlight out of the kit, we noticed that it truly was very light! The head pivots 180 degrees, which is nice for directing light where needed when working. The battery on the flashlight serves also as a good solid base to let the light be directed where necessary independently. When you open up the lens on the light, Makita placed a spare bulb, so if the main one breaks, you can replace it very easy.  Good thinking on Makita’s part!  I don’t know how many times we dropped a light and the bulb breaks, but it is always a pain to figure out where you keep your spares.  Are they at home? under the truck seat? Where?

Over all we really like this light.  The only item we would change is the push button feature for the on/off switch.  A push button can turn on when you throw it in your bag or even when your driving down the road, as it can bounce around and turn on.  We really like the switch feature Milwaukee has implemented on their flashlights.  Again, I know we are knit picking, and this wouldn’t stop us from buying the Makita light.  All in all, you can always take the battery off the light when you store it away.

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