We always receive a lot of emails asking which American manufacturers to buy, and which company is American owned or what tools are manufactured in the states.  Well, we are sorry to say that there are very few power tool companies in the U.S. anymore.  One exception is Dewalt, which is owned by Black and Decker. After we let these people know, we tend to get the same response back about how it is sad that manufacturers and companies are leaving the states.  Well, we agree.  But, there is something we can do to help America, teach your kids and pass on your knowledge.  That is why we would like to highlight a great American, John Ratzenberger.

Some may have heard of the show Made in America, if not, take a look at it.  It goes behind the scenes at American companies. It’s a fun show to watch.  Anyway, to get back on track, I was watching an interview with him a while back and he was talking about how schools are getting rid of some hands-on classes such as woodworking and other do it yourself classes.  I didn’t think much about it at the time, but then we kept getting more and more emails about American manufacturers.  I took a closer look at my old high school and to my surprise, they no longer offered woodworking or auto mechanic class, both which I took at the school.

John started a foundation called Nuts, Bolts and Thingamajigs. It’s a great foundation to help kids learn about manufacturing and more.  I would suggest to take a little time and read through the website, it’s well worth it.  Also, if you have kids, make sure you show them the ropes.  Remember someone took the time to show you, pass that knowledge on and let them know why it is important to know this information.

Here is another great website to take a closer look for American Manufacturing. We found this list of American manufacturers of tools and wanted to include this list,  American Tool companies.